"Made in France"  but grown in Ireland !

All the weaving is done at present in my workshop in South West France on traditional  handlooms, rigid heddle looms,  and a simple Saori loom.

I don’t have any large floor looms with multi shaft computerized settings to do complicated woven patterns as my philosophy is to ‘Keep it Simple’.

This is how it’s been done for many hundreds of years and suits me fine, though it maybe is a little slower than some more commercial looms would be.


For me the yarn is the boss, the colours, the feel and the combining of many different types and colours to make unique things.

I love using pure wool, but many people have allergies to this, and so it sometimes means I have to use a mix of fibres to allow everyone to have their ideal wishes.

My aim is to make a difference in life and to use French or Irish made yarn where I can, but this isn't always possible as, like many trades, both french and Irish spinners are now a bit scarce.

I also use  as much recycled yarn as I can to preserve rather than destroy.

This makes for some interesting moments with the weaving, but the results can be glorious 

And of course I have the ever present helping hand of the boss Jimmy who keeps a close eye on everything in case of problems....